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Stop the diet roller-coaster! Discover the cause of your weight issues. Hormones, stress, toxins and blood sugar will prevent weight loss. Get a functional assessment to find the cause of your weight. Our programs treat the causes so you can finally lose your weight. Call Now (253) 539-0132

Stress Causes Weight Gain

Long term stress causes 90% of illnesses and increased fat. Proper diet and our exclusive treatment for stress will allow you to get control of your life and reverse the effects of stress.

Good and Bad Carbs

Carbohydrates break down into glucose. How quickly that glucose is absorbed into the blood determines if it is a good carb or bad. We want mostly good carbs in our diet. Good carbs are mostly vegetables and fruits. Bad carbs are sugars and starches. Proper blood glucose is necessary to lose weight but is imperative for making your body healthy.

Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition that will kill you if you don't control your diet. Diabetes can be cured in 80% of the cases. We will teach you how to control your blood sugar for a longer healthier life.

Diet Ads Warning

Ads for weight loss are found everywhere. Be cautious of the quick fix or the "too good to be true" ads. You can not lose weight and get healty by eating anything you want. Follow the advice of physician trained in nutrition.

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